Soon it will be the coronation of the King Charles III and the queen consort Camilla Parker, has generated a lot of expectation in the British royalty, and with the date of the event shortly to arrive, details are already known about some members of royalty who will not be present at the historic event. The future queen, Camilla Parker, has been working hard to make sure the celebration reflects her style and preferences.

Among the personalities who have not been invited by Camilla Parker Bowlesis the renowned musician and close friend of Lady Di, Elton Johnwho despite having good relations with other members of royalty, failed to convince the future queen to invite him to the coronation of King Carlos III.

In addition, rumors suggest that some European royals, such as the prince albert and charlene from monaco they would also be on the list of personalities who will not be invited to the ceremony. Prince Albert’s sister, Caroline of Monacohas not been invited either due to the bad relationship she had with the Queen isabel II.

Although the future queen is having the task of leaving some personalities off the guest list, the coronation is expected to be an unforgettable occasion for the UK and the royal family. The ceremony, which will take place on May 6, will feature the coronation of the King Charles III and his wife Camilla Parkerwho at the request of the Queen isabel IIwill be crowned queen consort.