Kate Middleton and the prince william find themselves attending to the large amount of duties imposed by the British crown, while Camilla Parker and the King Charles III They continue to attend the preparations for his coronation this May 6 at Westminster Abbey. Now royal fans have brought up what could spell new trouble for Queen Consort Camilla Parker.

In recent days, Kate Middleton, along with her husband, Prince William, would have been going to different areas of the United Kingdom to meet their busy schedules, because they have obligations to fulfill as members of royalty. On this occasion, on their second day of visiting Wales, the princes took a walk through the garden that commemorates the tragedy that buried the city of Aberfan in mud in 1966.

There, the princes of Wales interacted with several of the locals who were witnessing the royal visit. Kate Middleton had a tender gesture with a mother and her 1-year-old son who was present to greet the princes, what I call the attention of the media that were documenting his visit.

The moment went viral on social networks, causing the popularity of the princess to rise, and according to royal experts, this would not suit the wife of King Carlos, for which they assure that Camilla Parker could be extremely worried, because Kate could be tarnishing her image before the great event that will take place this May 6.