The story of the marriage of Prince William and Kate is known to all, but the wife of Charles III, Camilla Parker, had a wish that did not come true. It is said that the current Queen consort wished that the current princes of Wales were not together, since Kate did not belong to the nobility.

According to various sources close to the royal family, Stretcher expressed his wish that the prince william choose a woman of royal blood as his wife. It is clear that she believes that a girl from a noble family was more suitable to join the royal family and there are rumors that the rest of the royal family agreed.

However the prince william decided to completely ignore the wishes of Camilla Parker and chose to be with kate middleton a woman who comes from a wealthy family but not of royal blood. The Prince of Wales’s relationship with Kate began when they were studying at the University of st andrews in Scotland and since then, they have become one of the most beloved royal couples.

Kate and William’s relationship was so successful that millions of people around the world celebrated their marriage and the couple have since welcomed three children, the prince georgethe princess charlotte and the prince louis, and have proven to be role models of love and commitment. However, Camilla Parker’s relationship with the princes has not been the best.

Despite the fights between Camilla and some of the royals against the The prince and the Wale’s princess, the love story continues and seems to be stronger than ever.