The British royalty is again in the spotlight due to family disputes that do not stop, this time, the wife of the King Charles III, Camilla Parkerhas been pointed out as responsible for a strong fight that the king had with his son, the prince william.

According to British media reports, Parker has made the decision to modernize the traditions within the royal family, which has generated disagreements between her and the royal family. prince williamwho is not entirely happy with the organization of his father’s upcoming coronation ceremony, scheduled for May 6.

Camilla Parker he suggested organizing a free concert outside Buckingham Palace, which could be attended by up to 10,000 people without paying a penny. This proposal has generated controversy, since the Queen isabel II She was always very secretive regarding social issues and did not allow public access to the palace.

He prince william he fears that this initiative will tarnish the image of the monarchy, since it could be interpreted as a lack of respect for the traditions that his family has worked so hard to build and although the Charles III Camilla supports her idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmodernizing the institution, her son does not agree and this has caused a strong fight between them.

This situation has aroused the curiosity of the British about what other changes Camilla Parker plans for the monarchy and how they will affect the royal family.

Despite the controversies, Charles III’s coronation ceremony is still going on and is expected to be a historic event that ushers in a new era for the British monarchy.