Camilla Parker, the queen consort of the United Kingdom, made a questionable ban on kate middleton right in the middle of the rumors of separation with the Prince William, because of an alleged infidelity that he would have committed with the English noblewoman Rose Hanbury.

It is no secret to anyone that the King’s wife Charles III It is not very popular with the public. If I mess with the King despite the fact that he was married to the deceased Princess Diana, He earned the repudiation of all public opinion, who consider Camilla a “usurper.”

And it is precisely that same story, which Camilla applies to prohibit certain things from being done within the Palace of Buckingham. And one of those victims was the current Princess of Wales Kate Middleton.

The reason? Kate wore a dress very similar to the one that Princess Diana wore on one occasion, which caused a trend and gave a class of style, but for Stretcher Parker, it means quite a nightmare.

The queen consort could not bear to see the wife of the prince william wearing the similar dress of her former opponent, for which she ordered her not to wear any more dresses inspired by Lady Di’s style while she was present.

For Camilla, it means a real nightmare not being able to wear these iconic outfits that she wore Lady Di and that Kate also knows how to show off. So if she can’t wear them, neither will any woman inside the palace.

And you, what do you think of the prohibition that he made Camilla Parker to Kate Middleton?