the queen consort, Camilla Parker, is gaining ground within the British Royal Family and apparently, her position has led her to obtain some privileges that the rest of the family members do not have. Despite the strict protocols and rules of behavior that must be followed by the highest members of the royal family, Camilla has shown some defiance, saying that “he does not care» follow a particular rule.

The rule that Camilla Parker does not want to follow is the public protocol related to the dress code, the prohibition of taking selfies with the public, giving autographs to royal fans and public displays of affection. However, the queen consort ignores these strict rules.

In addition, it has recently been revealed that the queen consort and the King Charles III They will not spend Valentine’s Day together. Despite this, the couple prove to be “very intense and passionate.» The Queen, in particular, often shows her love for her husband even in public and believes that love is more important than following rules and protocols.

Camilla Parker has said:

Sometimes you need to connect with your partner, even if it’s against the rules.

The couple has been seen on more than one occasion in compromising situations, such as “steal kisses” either “embrace warmly,” no matter if there are people or cameras present, what is certain is that the queen consort seems to be willing to break the rules in order to show her love for her husband.