Next May 6 will be a historic date in the United Kingdom, since the coronation of the King Charles III and of Camilla Parker as queen consort. However, it seems that not all of the royals will be happy with the plans for the ceremony.

According to sources close to the royal family, Camilla Parker She would have asked that her grandchildren and the children of Laura Lopes hold a canopy over her during the ceremony, a function that is traditionally carried out by the queen’s children. With this request, Camilla would seek to overshadow the presence of Prince William’s children, who have been receiving media attention in recent years.

Although Prince George will have an assigned role in the ceremony as the future heir to the throne, it is unknown if the prince william and Kate Middleton They will have some special participation in the event. What is certain is that the presence of the grandchildren of Camilla Parker and laura lopes It will be one more example of the tension that exists between the different members of royalty.

Despite this, the coronation ceremony of Charles III It is expected to be a majestic event full of tradition, with the participation of different members of the royal family and personalities from around the world.

Westminster Abbey will be the scene of this historic moment for the United Kingdom and its citizens.