The British royal family has been willing to accept the passion for acting Lady Frederick Windsorwife Lord Frederick Windsordespite the fact that the actress has received criticism for her work on television.

Unlike Meghan Marklewho suffered horrific royal treatment for his successful run on the series “Suit”, Lady Frederick has continued her work as an actress, even after marrying a royal. Recently, it was announced that the royal had an important leading role in the second season of the series “Lord”where she will play an aristocratic woman named Lady Rochester.

Although Camilla Parker I would not be entirely happy with the choice of Lady FrederickEven so, the British Royal Family has proven to be more open to accepting the actress’s career.

The news comes after the prince harry revealed in his autobiography some details about the opinion of royalty regarding the profession of Meghan Marklewhom many considered improper due to her “commoner” background and her high-profile work.

In any case, Lady Frederick she seems to be enjoying her job and proving that you can be royalty and continue with a career in acting.