The Queen consort of the United Kingdom, Camilla Parker, is making a great movement that has allowed him to gain popularity, but the real reasons for his plans point to a single goal: to banish Meghan Markle to make her lose all her support in the public British.

Camilla Parker has long struggled to earn the love and respect of the public. the wife of King Charles III It has not been easy for her, since the simple fact of having been the woman with whom Carlos cheated on Princess Diana, It has caused a great wave of hate around the world.

However, the current Queen consort has been winning the affection of the public. And recently, she has taken certain actions to improve the image of her in the public eye and the opinion that the British people have of her.

But what is striking about these movements is that they have two intentions, and this would also be due to the rejection of Meghan Markle which has caused the increase in the popularity of the wife of the King Charles III.

Last September, the renowned British newspaper “The Sun” conducted a survey of 2,000 people from the United Kingdom to know the level of popularity of each member of the Royal Family. Towards the bottom of the list was Meghan Markle, and in eighth place followed by Camilla Parker.

However, the order of the latter two would have changed after the premiere of the documentary of the Prince Harry, since this has generated a large number of comments against Meghan Markle.

Camilla Parker she is playing her pieces well, she knows that this is a great opportunity to continue earning the respect of the public, something that has cost her a lot of time, patience and, above all, dedication.