Camilla Parker, the new queen consort of United Kingdom, would be executing a controversial plan whose purpose would be to discredit his best stepson, the Prince Harry. However, what has caught the attention of his plan is that it would also involve the already deceased Princess Diana.

Approaching the official coronation of Charles III how the new King of the United Kingdom, Queen Consort Camilla Parker is executing a plan whose purpose is to humiliate and annoy Prince Harry.

The monarch’s wife will be looking to dress exactly the same as the look and clothing of the deceased Princess Diana of Wales, mother of Harry and Prince William. This action could trigger a deep discomfort between the Duke of Sussex, who has confessed on several occasions that he has not been able to get over his mother.

For Harry, the loss of his mother is by far the most difficult and traumatic experience of his life. And that’s where Stretcher She is basing herself on executing her plan, since Elma knows that the Prince will feel very uncomfortable seeing her dress as her mother.

Meanwhile, it is said that Camilla would have also had some problems with the Prince William, which is the future heir to the British crown. Parker would also have several indifferences with William’s wife, the Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton.

The truth of all this is that this situation would be causing an unwanted outcome within royalty. Charles III You must be aware of what will be presented shortly, and how this could affect the internal problems that Royal family have at the moment.