Education centers are being created in rural schools.


In 2023, 14 Point of Growth educational centers will be opened in the Novgorod region, which by 2024 will appear in all rural schools in the region. Their number will reach 114 by this time.

In the Novgorod region, 15 Points of Growth education centers were opened in 2022, and 14 more are planned to be created in 2023. It is expected that by the end of the year there will be 114 Points of Growth in the region, which will work in rural schools, the ministry said. area education. All rooms of the “Points of Growth” are decorated in the same style, which completely changes the interior of schools, classrooms are equipped with modern equipment. In the centers, schoolchildren can study not only computer science, technology and the basics of life safety, but also physics, chemistry and biology. According to TASS, classes in these disciplines are now educational laboratories. It is clarified that the centers of education of the natural science and technology orientation “Point of Growth” have been created in the Novgorod region as part of the national project “Education” since 2019.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” toldthat the pedagogical technopark “Quantorium” named after V.Ya. Struminsky.