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Buzova told how she exposed her husband’s affair with Anastasia Kostenko

After the divorce, Olga Buzova claimed that Dmitry Tarasov cheated on her during his marriage to Anastasia Kostenko, a finalist in the Miss Russia 2014 contest, for a long time.

Anastasia and Dmitry, on the contrary, denied everything, saying that their romance began only after Tarasov’s divorce. In an interview with Nadezhda Strelets on YouTube, Olga Buzova refuted such allegations, emphasizing that she would let her husband go if he admitted that he had no feelings for her.

I didn’t go for a divorce and was sure that we would make peace. I was sure that this was just nonsense, because we are together, we have love. I didn’t know that there was already another woman in our house. Then I found out about her. Then the facts began to be compared, and everything grew together,” Olga shared.


Indeed, at first Tarasov and Kostenko lived in an apartment in the capital, and then changed it to a spacious house, which Olga built with her soul and furnished alone. As a result, Buzova was left without everything after the divorce – in accordance with the marriage contract, the football player took for himself the property acquired during their life together.

Over time, things began to get worse for Dmitry, who had previously earned millions. Tarasov recently turned to Olga Buzova for help, but she refused him, emphasizing that she was not going to participate in dubious matters.

Earlier it was reported that the USSR star Ryazanova admitted that she regrets the decision to kick her son out of the house. Details in the material Public News Service.

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