Olga Buzova With Azamat Musagaliev sang about the flight of men to Georgia from mobilization.

In her work, Buzova unexpectedly switched to acute social topics. The star of “House-2” sang a song called “Relocation”, in which she reproaches her boyfriend for having fled to Georgia under the pressure of sanctions.

“In a difficult situation, you chose relocation,” Olga sang on TNT, reproaching her lover that he “traded Buzova for Georgia” and fled to where there are McDuck, Ikea and Paypal.

The young man answered Olga intelligibly.

“Quiet, quiet, quiet, I will come, I will come, I was partially frightened and went to visit my grandfather,” Azamat echoes her, explaining that he went to Ryazan through Tbilisi.

The word “partly” here alludes to partial mobilization.

The song was commented by the writer Zakhar Prilepin.

“If in essence: what is wrong there? Exposed cretins as cretins in a language understandable to millions of her juvenile fans,” the writer expressed his opinion.

Earlier, Olga Buzova announced a “very unusual” and good song.