We have 26 going on a professional order to have a bus. Miroslav Nmec, the director of the Roads and Gossip of the Roads of the Pardubice Region, negotiates with seven of them on the lines.

Two idiots from Holice should board tomorrow and back and will run buses in Orlickoostecko. Those from Hlinsko will help provide transportation to the Svitavy region. The line in Lankroun is free, so the first of this city should get there.

We take the situation as very important and as a way we should be responsible to our founder in this matter, the German said, with the fact that the first and most important thing was to deal with.

It’s not a simple thing, it’s about liability, insurance, salary and travel expenses, because for our ideas it’s a relatively atypical work, said the German.

The provision of bus transport is around the company BusLine and Pardubice region has signed a contract.

This is a clear violation, we will of course apply the sanctions in full, but the situation will not work out now. That is why we have so far suspended the collection of rides in the connections that are leaving, said President Martin Netolick, who requires a clear written order from the carrier..

By July 31, we want a clear written record and a schedule of shifts, because it must not be the case that the beginning of the new year will be accompanied by any complications. We go and go into detail of the individual connections to the land of our region.

At the same time, we recommended the company to prepare a camp for the end of the harvest year as an excuse for the current situation. I can imagine that it will be in the form of a short-term resilient ride, said Martin Netolick, noting that BusLine can think about whether in the long run it is able to provide bus transport in the region in all those areas.