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Last year and last year, companies traveled the least. Due to the pandemic, a significant number of international meetings have moved to a virtual environment. However, it turned out that a personal one for the business and its implementation is often necessary, said Josef Trejbal, marketing director of the online ticket seller

According to him, European carriers have responded to the growing demand of corporate clients, increasing the frequency of flights to destinations such as London, Pa or Amsterdam by 15 percent each month.

Flights to Pae, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Brussels are now the cheapest flights in Europe. According to then, there is interest in relaxing destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Malta, Istanbul or Lisbon. New York is the most popular of the long-distance destinations, where hundreds of Czechs now add, Trejbal added.

The interest in tickets from the corporate environment is also confirmed by Lenka Kaick, a sales manager from the competing Student Agency. According to n, the volume of this year’s meeting was minimal. At the end of January and November, it increased by twelve percent, however, the company recorded a 50 percent interim sales for the month.

Gradual return to normal is also shown by the rough data on the number of passengers flying in the cracks of Ruzyně. According to the latest available data, almost 610,000 passengers took advantage of this year’s largest domestic flight. This fell to pre-crisis levels after falling to 87,000 last year. For comparison, in the year 2019 from Letit Vlavlav Havel traveled about 672 thousand people.

Even the summer flights of Prague fly with 150 destinations represent roughly five-fifths of the volume of pedcovides on offer. Due to continuing restrictions in Southeast Asia, for example, long-distance lines to NY, or a line to Jin Korea, have not been restored. But Korean Air should launch it here in July.