Vinask tradition apk prah a to the 18th century. How did you find out? Did you put Zaloeno lta pn on the vineyard? Or did you search the archives?
Family history is very important to us and we will take this information from generation to generation. But since I also wanted to know the details, I also searched in chronicles and archives. The full vines of wine in our family date back to 1793. At that time, one of our ancestors, František Apka, bought the first vineyards from Liechtenstein in the amount of 1,083 Tverench sh, which according to the purchase agreements was even the largest sale of vineyards in the area. In Hruky, our family was the first and only first to officially sell the wine from the wine yard.

Has there ever been a history that some generations in the industry did not want to continue?
It is and unbelievable, but all generations in the industry have continued. I don’t know of anyone who wants to give up wine. We consider the advent of the communist regime to be probably the biggest crisis, when all the vineyards and estates built up by previous generations were nationalized. But even in these difficult times, the family struggled and blamed the tradition as it was.

And what about you? Did you have any boyhood dreams about the future profession or was it clear to you that you would take over the winnings one day?
I have been going to work in the vineyard since I was a child. Of course, when I was old, I probably ripped them off, but I always had it and I was very happy when they took me with me. So I listened to my grandfather for the first time about what was interesting in each year, how different works in the vineyard took two years, about the vineyards tratch around here, in short, about what was going on around the production.

By the way, I enjoyed it so much, I had a clear idea of ​​where to go from an early age, so I got on a wine bike in Valtice. And I fulfilled my dream of going into the world. When I was 17, I graduated from the Domaine de la Colombette winery in France, and I gained a lot of interesting experience there.

How is the course of previous cultivation from one generation to the next?
I don’t know if it can be fully generalized, but I would say that in most family wineries it is completely natural and most importantly a matter of course. It is not like a company where an employee and a maximum employee hired a new employee. In our country, it is a long-term process, when the new generation gradually has more and more authority and concern, and it simply goes through hell.

How was it vs?
The process first started in 2013. At that time, I was fully in charge of production. Every other year, I was able to produce more and more goods, and until 2016, when the whole production was small and I was also in charge of other issues around the working wineries. That year, I officially took over the company.

Dohl stle v father on the winery?
Today, I run the winery with my wife, but that doesn’t mean that she has made it so soft – she is under a very advisory voice and support, for which we are very diligent. Stle pomh pi vrob am in charge of the expedition and tasting cellar.

Is it a good idea to take over a family business, or is it the opposite?
It is a huge bundle, of course, because you do not want the work of previous generations to drink in vain. I am proud to continue his family tradition, and that is a huge driving force for me. For our family, we have had a family for generations: Manage land so that it does not work for itself, but for other generations. And pass this generation on, not in the state in which you received it, but in a better way.

Did you change anything when you took the winery?
One of the first and fundamental changes to the acquisition of wine was a change of the entire brand, from the logo to the design of bottles. We chose a modern and timeless look, we wanted to underline the fact that the winery was taken over by young blood.

What is the most important thing in your field?
I would say that it is most important for a winery to build a good name and get the character in mind. It’s a long way off and it takes a lot of determination and so patience.

How do you dream of being different from others?
Mon it will sound like clichés, in our country quality comes first. Grow a spade grape, unleash all its potenties and petvoit it to a single wine. The philosophy of our wine-growing has been based for generations on respect for the unique properties (so-called Terroir) of the wine-growing routes that we manage. We intend to present this approach with a bad example and the design of our labels, the three curves around our logo show the basic elements, ie climate, soil and the vineyard itself.

You recently won a gold medal for the world. How did I do that? Are you crazy about your shower? And dad too?
Yes, we managed to win three gold medals at one of the largest Berliner Wein Trophy competitions, which this year was attended by over eight thousand winners from all over the world. We are very happy with this rush and, of course, so. We bet on those varieties that inevitably belong to the localities, namely Sylvin Green, Pinot Noir and Zweigeltrebe – and it paid off.

When he wins a medal, does it automatically mean that he wins? Or can you sell them for you?
The medals are very bad at the competition. If vno zsk appreciates from some significant competition with us or abroad, then yes, it will certainly support the interest of customers for such vno. Sometimes we are surprised how customers have a good overview of the results of different competitions. It turns out that some producers, based on the valued sales price, increase the additional price. But in our winery we have a clear price for the quality (wine, grape quality) and we keep this price. The price will increase meziron if you get the quality of the grain on the bottle, but during the year we will never change the price.

V praddeek would probably be surprised how to sell today?
The time has advanced and modern winemaking in today must bring vna modern.

Martin apka (27)

  • He graduated from Stedn Wine Valtice.
  • He started his business in 2016.
  • This year, he won three gold medals at the Berliner Wein Trophy World Championships.
  • Je enat, m dv daughters.
  • His best end is in what she is.

Cooperation with the e-shop is a good thing for us, so let us know more people. Of course, we have a relatively wide range of private accounts, for the past few years we are basically friends. Let’s also add to the stone wine shops. We sell the overwhelming wind in the Czech market, our winery has always been exchanged for domestic customers, but two years ago we started exporting abroad.

Vinastv vai rodin ivilo uv 18. stolet, jak to dnes?
Generations before the communist regime really lived and it was the only job for them. We are currently active in the next job, which allows us to schedule our work so that we have enough time to win. It would actually make us happy, but we would not have enough money to develop the company, buy new technology and we would not be able to move as fast as we imagined. In addition, we have a financial reserve in case of unexpected situations. And it paid off for us just last year, when we drank more than half the family as a result of heavy hail.

And what about yours in the future?
We are constantly pushing for the quality of the production on which we base ourselves, and we know that this year we will take significant and very useful steps in this direction. The reconstruction of the production premises and the distribution of technological equipment, such as stainless steel, hot-dip cooling and new oak barrels, is in full swing. In the long term, we plan to grow vineyards and grow into large areas so that we can increase the capacity for grain in barrels, which will take several years.