On July 19, a ceremony was held to officially announce that bts would be the honorary ambassador of the next World Expo 2030 Busan. The ceremony took place in the building HYBEwhere the nominating committee went to present plaques to each of the seven members of BTS as honorary ambassadors.

What ambassadors of World Expo 2030 Busan, BTS will work to promote Korean culture, starting with a world concert to be held in Busan next October.

A live broadcast was held during the ceremony where fans around the world could tune in to see BTS officially become an ambassador for World Expo 2030 Busan. However, many fans could not help to criticize officials and politicians for their rude treatment of members.

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Many noted that when each of the members presented themselves to receive their individual plaque, officials posed for a photo raising their arms of members without notice. As a result, the members’ arms were raised and twisted at a strange angle.

In the photos shared, the members can be seen feeling uncomfortable since they didn’t expect their arms to go clumsily up in the air. Especially vwho seemed surprised by the sudden action and even stared at his arm.

Many have criticized officials and politicians for doing such a thing without Consult members first. Others have even begun to criticize the current administration of the president Yoon Seok Yeol.