Bulgarians with Ukraine or not, today 2/3 of Bulgarians support neutrality in the war that the Russian Federation is waging in Ukraine.

According to bourgas.ru, whether Bulgarians are with Ukraine or not, today 2/3 of Bulgarians support neutrality in the war waged by the Russian Federation in Ukraine. 68% of Bulgarians believe that Bulgaria should remain neutral regarding the war in Ukraine. According to 21%, the country should support Kyiv, and 7.5% believe that we should be with Russia. This is evidenced by the data of the national study of the ESTAT agency related to the war in Ukraine.

23.6% of Bulgarians are on the side of Russia in the conflict with Ukraine.
32.4% support Ukraine.
40.7% have not yet decided.

Russia is mainly supported by men, people over 50, residents of regional centers, voters of BSP and TIN.

Women, people under 30, residents of Sofia, voters of GERB, DB and PP declare their support for Ukraine.

38% of respondents have a positive attitude towards refugees from Ukraine. Sympathy and care are mainly found among women, people under 30, university graduates and residents of Sofia, as well as among right-wing voters.

18% of Bulgarians have a negative attitude towards Ukrainian refugees, and 16% are indifferent.

73.5% of Bulgarians say they did not help refugees from Ukraine and are not going to do so. Most are indifferent to the problems and needs of refugees among rural residents who are sympathetic to Russia, people with a low level of education and supporters of the BSP and DPS.

3/4 of Bulgarians to some extent fear the Third World War and the almost inevitable use of nuclear weapons as a result.

The risk of occupying Bulgaria and bombing targets in the country is seen as a lesser threat, perhaps not so much because they are unlikely, but because they still leave a chance for one’s own survival.

Less than 7% of Bulgarians are ready to defend their country by joining the army in case of aggression. This is about 400,000 citizens of the country. The largest number of potential volunteers among men under 50 is in small towns, among those who sympathize with Ukraine.

16% are ready to flee the country, and 38% will do nothing.

42% consider Russia’s policy towards Bulgaria useful. Between 20% and 25% have visited Russia at least once.

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