From June 1, 2022, members of the Bulgarian Parliament will receive lower salaries, with a reduction in salaries of 13.5% on average.

According to, from June 1, 2022, the deputies of the Bulgarian Parliament will receive lower salaries, while the reduction in salaries will average 13.5%. This was reported by the Bulgarian media.

Until now, the average salary of a member of parliament was BGN 5,616 without any bonuses for participation in committees, representative money, etc. From June 1, it will decrease by BGN 758, that is, with more than one minimum wage. As of April, it is 710 levs.

According to NSI data published on Friday, the average salary in the public sector in March was BGN 1,618, and in December – BGN 1,872. quarter are compared, in which case the difference is 13.5%.

The reason for the decline is that in the public sector, salaries are usually very high in December, because then all bonuses, additional material incentives and a number of additional money are paid, which overestimates the average. For this reason, their wages were increased by 13.7% in the previous quarter and are now almost back to the previous level.

The salaries of the President, the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Prime Minister, ministers and all salaries linked to the salary of a Deputy shall be reduced by the same percentage. Naturally, the amount with which they part will be significantly larger.

Rumen Radev, for example, is currently signing a contract for a gross salary of BGN 11,232, excluding seniority bonuses, and Nikola Minchev for BGN 8,704, also without additional payments. From June 1, the salary of the President, who was born in the same month of the year, will receive 1516 leva less, and the speaker of parliament – 1175 leva less.

The average salary in Bulgaria in March reached BGN 1,668, but if we take the average for the entire quarter – BGN 1,593, then it also decreases compared to the last quarter of last year. by 1.2%. Compared to a year earlier, there is an increase of 9%, i.е. it cannot offset inflation, which was 12.4% from March 20021 to March 2022.

There are no changes in the structure of average wages by industry in the first quarter of 2022.

For the first time, the average salary in the IT industry exceeds the limit of BGN 4,000 per month and becomes BGN 4,060. This is the industry with the highest salaries, traditionally followed by finance and insurance, where the average salary in March reached 2540 leva.

Also traditionally in the hotel and restaurant business, salaries are the lowest and do not even have a thousand leva per month – in March it is 964 leva.

However, as of March of this year, there is no region in Bulgaria where the average salary is below a thousand leva.

In the last two such districts, Vidin and Blagoevgrad, the average wages in March amounted to BGN 1,099 and BGN 1,078 respectively.

In the capital, the average monthly salary is BGN 2,340, followed by BGN 1,473 Stara Zagora, BGN 1,470 in Varna, BGN 1,468 in Vratsa, BGN 1,448 in Gabrovo and BGN 1,419 in Plovdiv.

In Vratsa, economic indicators are not very high and the fact that the average salary is ahead of Plovdiv is due only to the fact that there is the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, where salaries are much higher than the national average.

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