December 18, 2022, 14:21 – Public News Service – OSN

Known Russian performer Tatyana Bulanova announced that she was marrying 34-year-old former tennis player Valery Rudnev. Writes about this “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The date of the marriage has not yet been determined, but the marriage proposal has already been made. Bulanova and Rudnev have been together for three years. The groom is 19 years younger than the bride, but they do not feel any discomfort about this.

“I always thought that if a man does not propose to a woman in the first year, then they will never get married. I had that twice. I don’t know the wedding date yet. It doesn’t matter anymore,” the singer said.

This will be the third marriage for Tatyana Bulanova. The singer was married to producer Nikolai Tagrin for 13 years, and to football player Vladislav Radimov for 11 years.

According to KP, despite the fact that the day of the celebration has not yet been determined, Bulanova plans to change her surname when registering a marriage at the registry office.

Formerly Public News Service informed that the famous Russian performer Leonid Agutin confirmed the rumors about the breakup with his wife Angelica Varum.