There will be one of the three exits from the D3 to Budjovice in the Czech Republic, which means that the fields and meadows near Hodjovice and the Mlad district are a huge waste. Developers are quickly buying up land there, and it is clear that another business sign will be created here.

The investor announced that he wants to start the first stage in 2024 and as a result will have a shopping center, which he now calls Smart Green Retail Park. The system will include a hypermarket, hobby market, restaurants, cafes, other services and administrative premises.

The last time this week, Gamma Tauri and its company in Prague agreed with the Budejovice City Hall to buy a plot of land with an area of ​​no more than nine thousand square meters for 34.5 million crowns. The sale was approved by a representative on Monday.

We will immediately start working on documentation for earthworks and building permits. It is also in our opinion that we start the first stage as soon as possible, confirmed Ondej Prcha, who represents the investor Gamma Tauri, directly at the council.

He said that Terno, Mbelix and even IKEA could be the main representatives of the newly emerging space. The entire Retail Park project is divided into five years and approximately ten years. This does not automatically mean that these stores will settle there first. The developer’s representatives are just beginning to negotiate with them. they waited, and get the necessary land to discuss them at all.

Of course, IKEA would be absolutely essential for the region. The bag has not expanded in the country with large branches for a long time, and it is not going to expand either. At the moment, we do not have to be fully present in this locality or open a store elsewhere in Budjovice, Czech Republic, IKEA spokesman Petr aek responded.

Gamma Tauri did her research and assumed what should work in the future area and ask the inhabitants.

Pay attention to the marked smart and green

Each time Novch Hodjovic gave rise to a shopping mall, such as on the other side of the city around Globus. Its appearance can be very different.

Prcha changed that the cars should be hidden in the ground under the whole complex and the main building should be as energy-efficient as possible. We want every inch of plt to be used for photovoltaics or as a green roof. This would ensure, for example, the cooling of buildings, called Prcha.

He convinced the deputy about the sale of the land and there were 37 out of a total of 45. I emphasize that you have an extraordinary responsibility, because you will be one of the first projects in this location. If it doesn’t work out for you, it will be very bad, which is why make sure the marked smart and green, ie smart and green, called the opposition representative Svatomr Mloch.

Among other things, the investor undertook that the city would bring a bike path and go to the millions of crowns to repair the chapel of St. Karolny and Hardtmuth’s tombs at the nearby Mlad cemetery or for project documentation for the construction of a catchy P + R car park in Mladm. We don’t just want a set of boxes, there should be a piazetta (small nmst) in the hall, Prcha added.

With the completion of the debtor in 2024, the entire town of Budjovice will continue to change in other towns. The Lidl chain reacted first, building its store at the D3 exit from Srubec. Gamma Tauri has also made a name for himself in the city and wants to build housing as well.