December 15, 2022, 14:09 – Public News Service – OSN

Hungary does not pursue any special “veto policy” and votes in Brussels only against those initiatives that conflict with its national interests. This was announced on Thursday, December 15, by the head of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations, Peter Szijjarto.

“There is no veto policy that corresponds to the Hungarian interests, we vote for that, if it contradicts the Hungarian interests, we do not vote,” he said during a press conference with his Omani counterpart. The speech was broadcast on social networks.

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According to Szijjártó, decision-making in Brussels does not require dictatorship, but consensus. And although the EU would like the first option to work, in the case of Hungary, “they will not wait for it,” the minister concluded.

In early December, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called lies information that Budapest is blocking EU aid to Kyiv. At the same time, he confirmed that the authorities continue to oppose the EU plan to provide Ukraine with a joint loan of 18 billion euros.