The lead single from the new album by bts failed to enter the top 10 Billboard Hot 100 this week, despite the fact that it was the best-selling song in the United States. What happened?

The popular billboard magazine public today the results of the first week of “Yet to eat” on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Unlike what happened with “Butter”, “Dynamite” Y “Permission to dance”, BTS’s new song did not reach #1 in the aforementioned and popular ranking. And even, unfortunately, the subject of bangtan nisiquera managed to enter the top 10 positions, something that had not been seen since 2018.

The results have surprised the entire fandom ARMY, Well, in previous hours it was confirmed that “Yet to come” had reached # 1 in the Billboard digital sales ranking for that week. However, the reason why the single did not enter the top 10 of the Hot 100 has an explanation.

Despite the fact that the song was the best seller of the week with more than 45,000 copies, these were not capable enough to generate a good amount of total points, since the stream that the song received during the counting week was also quite regular. .

It was also influenced by the fact that the subject is not found on the radios of USA because it is a topic in South Korea. But still, the big culprit for the non-top 10 debut for ‘Yet To Come’, is the low number of streams totals that the song had.