taehyung of bts He is no stranger to uploading sexy photos at times on his social media.

While all the pictures of V effortlessly flaunt his figure like a prince. From the images published by the artist on Instagram, they assure that army he was never ready for what they saw.

Like when he starts sharing cheat photos and deletes them after a while — luckily fans can take screenshots at any time — or when he gave a sneak peek of his performance on “m Countdown», It took fans a second to realize he was shirtless.

He recently blew up his followers by posting a shirtless Instagram photo, but apparently no one was ready for that.

taehyung he recently went to Paris and fans were curious about his plans. During the trip, the idol even surprised unsuspecting fans with his incredible behavior.

Apparently something must be up in the air in Paris because now V is taking the internet by storm again with her shocking Instagram story. Although most of the photos she uploaded are normal images, including some beautiful photos from Paris.

taehyung He began by sharing a beautiful and sexy photo of himself surprising ARMY, before a more risqué photo. Some fans even thought that the singer was naked in the picture, although it was obviously that he had no shirts on, yet ARMY doesn’t know how to react to the picture.