During their album promotions’PROOF‘ and the special events for their ninth anniversary with FESTA 2022, the boys of BTS decided to give individual interviews to talk about the moments that have caused him the most nerves in his career, and Taehyung surprised everyone by revealing that his interaction with Olivia Rodrigo was one of them.

It is no secret to anyone that the most viral moment of the 2022 GRAMMYs was the “flirtation” that Olivia Rodrigo had with kim taehyung. The 26-year-old boy became a world trend like Olivia, creating tension between both fandoms for that moment raised at the ceremony.

Returning to the interview, the idol about the headlines that he grabbed because of the innocent interaction, to which the boy replied that it was not something he planned, but an idea that the staff had hours before giving the performance, so he did not even know who was going to be the celebrity he had to interact with, meaning it could be anyone.

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V then said that he decided to interact with Olivia by whispering in her ear, but at the moment he felt so stressed and couldn’t even think of a sentence, so he just told her “BLA BLA BLA“. The interpreter ofYet To Come“He also revealed that he was inspired by the film”The illusionists: nothing is what it seems” to fool people, because everyone thought he said something to Olivia.