v of BTS showed all the chivalry in him by preventing a supposed fan of Jisoo from blackpink kept taking pictures of him without his consent.

V showed us that to be a gentleman you don’t need to have a romance, as he stopped a fan from attacking Jisoo during a ceremony in South Korea. The moment is proof of the solidarity and respect that exists between the idols that are part of the groups of kpop most popular worldwide.

The event where this event occurred took place in 2017 and in Youtube You can enjoy different moments of the gala, from the musical performances to the most viral moments. And it is in one of them, where there is a moment of the concert that continues to be remembered in social networks due to the act of chivalry of the member of bangtan.

In the video, Jisoo can be seen covering herself from the lights as well as the flash with her speech cards. Of nothing, taehyung He approaches her without saying anything and stands behind her, turning his back and looking in the direction of the audience. The singer continues to cover her face, while her idol follows behind her.

Within the respective fandoms ARMY Y BLINK They claim that V also gave the harassing fan a few glances, and even asked him to stop taking pictures of Jisoo.

In the video, you can see that, after addressing the follower, the idol moves to the side of the singer, who apparently did not know about the harassment at the time.