bts was presented at grammys 2022 in an incredible performance that left its mark on the ceremony. However, one moment in particular broke the internet that night thanks to v.

There was a surprise appearance of Olivia Rodrigowhere the idol leaned in to whisper something to him before pulling a card out from behind his hair and throwing it at Jungkook on the stage.

In an interview with the magazine weverse, taeyung He remembers the preparations and his feelings during the presentation of the Grammys and his conversation with Olivia Rodrigo.

I have been asked a lot about this. He was very nervous there because of the choreography. A soft whisper in his ear would probably have been enough in this situation, but I think I just said “blah blah blah” without actually saying anything. Before the moment, I thought I could show it on my face or set the scene, and I thought I didn’t have anything special to say, so I didn’t say anything special. Olivia Rodrigo also knew that this was what I was doing. For a 10 or 15 second take, the performers don’t have to say anything special and can still make it funsaid V.

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Myungseok Kang asked how Olivia Rodrigo was selected as V’s acting partner.

Oh, it was a suggestion from the Grammys people that was accepted on the day of the show. So I had no way of knowing who I’d end up sitting next to“added the idol.

I thought maybe I should talk to her casually, and it would be like magic if I could steal her card without her noticing as we talked.

If we had continued the conversation, I might have missed the moment to launch the letter. I was counting the beat in my head the whole time to know when to throw it. I continued, One, two, three, four, in my head

And it was hard to tell exactly what Olivia Rodrigo was saying since she had headphones in both ears at the time. Honestly, she was very nervoushe finally says