dating rumors between V of bts Y Jenny of BLACKPINK They have gained strength again. And it is that thanks to a new filtered photograph, another detail of the Idol has been revealed that would “confirm” her romance with the popular star of the Kpop.

The constant rumors of a possible relationship between Jennie and taehyung They are undoubtedly a topic that gives a lot to talk about on all social networks, not only within fandoms. BLINK Y ARMY, but also in the general public.

And it is that the evidence of their alleged romance is very compelling. And the most recent one is even more so, since through a piece of clothing the courtship between the two could be definitively confirmed idols.

In the most recent behind the scenes published by bts, The fans have noticed that V was wearing the same shorts as in one of the photos that were leaked next to Jennie as evidence of their courtship. Some followers of bangtan they began to compare the item of clothing to verify that it was the same and indeed, it is.

This has V fans in shock and Jennie, since thanks to that short one of the very clear proofs that at one point they tried to deny but that has now been corroborated that it was indeed them is confirmed.

And you, do you think V and Jennie have a loving relationship?