Recently, an investment application has been released in Indonesia, where Taehyung has been appointed as an official ambassador of the brand, bringing many benefits to it.

One of the members of the talented and famous group of South Korean singers, BTS, has been contacted to become the brand ambassador of a well-known application in Indonesia, and it has decided to support its project in Taehyung, who will be in charge of representing to the application not only in Indonesia but thanks to its international renown, throughout the Asian continent.

Little by little, the members of BTS have been adopting brands as ambassadors of these, taking advantage of their image to begin to venture into the world of corporate business, and not only dedicate themselves to music. The ARMY is not very convinced of the latter, since they are concerned that for these reasons their favorite idols will neglect their professional career as K-Pop idols, something that has already been discussed before.

We are sure of something, and it is the talent and charisma that these artists have, but what they really want for their professional career and their lives off stage must also be taken into account. Being ambassadors of a brand or company does not mean that they will neglect their career as singers, but rather use the great influence and charisma that these idols have in order to take advantage of their image.