Amid the controversy over Yoo Ah-in at a neighborhood academy, Korean media and netizens are also reviewing a past comment from taehyung of bts.

On July 20, an article titled “Yoo Ah-in’s comment ‘Just open a neighborhood academy’ reminds me of BTS V’s comment ‘Smells like a neighborhood piano academy’“, in an online community that attracted a lot of attention.

The post contains a comment from the BTS member on the international fan community of weverse in the past. At the time, a fan posted:

Oppa, I can play ‘Plane’ on the piano! I will show you”.

Instead of the smell of a neighborhood piano academy, experience the grace and elegance of a Chopin Piano Competition master class. I can’t accept a single mistake”, replied the idol.

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Another fan who saw Taehyung’s comment also expressed concern. He said:

The smell of a neighborhood piano academy? Smell?… You have to be careful with the choice of words. BTS has become influential people in all aspects. Many music graduates feel rewarded as they work hard to teach small town children. Smell? The words are your own responsibility

While the article was slow to spread to other online communities, many netizens continue to debate among themselves whether the artist’s choice of words is right or wrong.