taehyung of bts He has a huge heart for his groupmates, he not only says it, but also shows it, and this time it was with one of his best friends and with whom he always shares the stage, Jin.

taehyung He was in the country of Mexico, making some recordings for a new gastronomy program in which he will be the protagonist called «Youn’s Kitchen“, which is about music and movie stars opening a restaurant abroad.

Despite being busy with his solo recordings, the singer paused his visit to the Latin American country to return to South Korea in a 19 hour tripthe reason?, say goodbye to your friend before he reports to the Korean Army to do his duty until 2025.

This event filled the hearts of the fans of the group with joy, emotion and love, assuring that “the heart can’t take it anymore” and that it is very loyal to all group members.

Videos and photos have become a trend on social networks, for example, “Seokjin” is in the number one position in musical trends with more than 311,000 Tweets.

In the video we can see the artist arriving at the Korean airport on his way to visit his beloved friend.

Did you find the gesture nice? V before your friend leaves for almost 2 years in the military?