Taehyung, the popular member of bts mostly known as v, He has remained quite discreet regarding his private life. However, his position has not avoided being linked to some romance rumors, the most well-known being the rumor of his courtship with Jennie, group member kpop female BLACKPINK.

In the midst of months of rumors where he has been linked with overwhelming evidence as the boyfriend of BLACKPINK’s idol Jennie, V has confessed who his girlfriend really is and left the audience in awe. army with the revelation he made about who his heart belongs to.

The idol has clarified that Jenny She is not his girlfriend as many believe, this during a concert that the South Korean Kpop septet had. The singer revealed that all the ARMYs and all his fans belong to him, and it is that, on more than one occasion, each of the BTS members have referred to his fans in this way.

And of course, the ARMY cannot be denied that every time idols make these kinds of statements, they are completely smitten and in love with their kindness.

The members of bts assure that without the love and support of the ARMY, they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are, so they consider that they belong to their fans.

And you, what do you think of the statements of taehyung?