This year, all members of bts They decided to get the same tattoo as a symbol of friendship, they came to the decision to tattoo the number 7 to represent the number of members they have and how valuable their years together are, however, not all the members of the group have revealed where their tattoos, and in a new photo, V finally it shows where it has the number 7.

taehyung from bts He knows exactly how to surprise his fans, and this time he’s doing it with an image that reveals the true location of the friendship tattoo he decided to get with his bandmates.

Yesterday, Taehyung shared some photos taken during his stay in Mexico filming a show with the actors. park seo joon Y Choi Woo Shiktwo friends of Wooga Squad.

During his stay in Mexico, taehyung enjoyed the beauty of the Bacalar Lagoon and shared several photos of him in a bathing suit on Instagram, but his followers were even more excited to learn that his friendship tattoo was featured in one of his photos.

The image shows the number 7 above the knee on his left thigh and the idol always tried to hide it, for this reason netizens were excited to see it.

Do you like the place where the artist has his friendship tattoo?