Taehyung, one of the most popular members of bts, he will be moving away from music for a while, as he will focus on a new project that will take him up to Mexico to participate in a cooking show that promises many new experiences for the idol.

The professional facets that the members of BTS can have thanks to their enormous popularity, they can take them to any corner and enter different areas of entertainment and still achieve success and achievements everywhere.

And that’s how he army very excited because V will leave the music for a while to be a waiter in Mexico. What will the idol do as a waiter in a country where he doesn’t live?

The reasons for this new facet of Taehyung is because he is part of the new program “Seo Jin’s” a South Korean cooking reality show that its most recent season has been filmed on the country’s beaches Aztec.

Yesterday, the first images and other interesting details of the Program, in which you can see how V will have to serve the diners and show that he also has a talent for being a waiter.

The premiere of the program is scheduled for February 24, so we will have to wait a little longer to see taehyung in his role as a waiter.