the face of Taehyung, popular member of the group kpop bts, he is widely acclaimed and praised by his fans, public and other media. But now, a renowned Japanese surgeon has explained the beauty of the face of V based on their techniques.

Taehyung is one of the most attractive BTS idols today, the artist has received millions of compliments from his fans. followers worldwide, as it meets the expectations of an almost perfect face. The idol of 27 years he has always stood out for his great attractive face, “His face is perfect”, is what is said according to specialists, and one assures that it is due to his treatment of E-Line.

taehyung He has stolen millions of hearts all over the world, with a very mysterious personality, due to his character and above all due to his relaxed expression, according to the measurements of specialists, his face is enormously attractive.

But on the other hand the face of v, how older the idol is known, meets many factors of the E-Line according to the Japanese plastic surgeon Motokuni Kida, which revealed that the list of the most popular faces that people want to have, was Taehyung’s face that was the most voted by the public.

According to the surgeon, his face has an origin and undoubtedly makes him one of the most desired and popular Kpop artists in the world.

And you, do you like the face of taehyung?