The member of the famous South Korean septet BTS Taehyung, has starred in a small scandal on the recording sets of his most recent invitation to a talk show in the Spanish-speaking country.

During the filming of his most recent program filmed in the American continent, to be more specific in Mexico, Lee Seo Jin revealed that Taehyung had a fight in the recordings against Yung Yu Mi, and that is that the boy got upset and even yelled at him. Yung Yu Mi while eating ramen. After clearing up the misunderstanding, the boys were happy and V’s reaction was understood due to the extreme stress of filming the “Seo jin’s” episode.

As we all know, it is a bit difficult for artists to keep their emotions under control when faced with so much stress caused by the continuous audiovisual recordings that they must film for their projects and programs that normally fill their schedules, they must fulfill the duties that They are assigned to them by their representatives and the fact is that the greater the popularity of the artist, the greater the demand for perfection.

We leave you the funny chapter that the young interpreters lived where they can be seen smiling and having fun together: