Taehyung, one of the most recognized and famous members of bts, he dedicated an emotional phrase to his groupmate Jimin, touching all his fans for the great affection that the two idols have for each other.

On Wednesday Taehyung had his 27th birthday, and for this reason his groupmates gave him beautiful congratulations to celebrate his date.

One of them was his partner Jimin, who chose to post a photo together on his official account of Instagram. The photo went widely viral on social networks and so far has more than 8 million likes. The BTS star dancer tagged the honoree, without writing anything else in the post.

However, in response to your congratulations, v, Taehyung’s stage name, dedicated a beautiful “I love you” to Jimin, which moved and maddened the ARMY.

The idol He left this comment under the image, and the fans did not wait a single second and agreed to translate it immediately and did not deny their excitement for the beautiful interaction, since it is one of the most beloved, popular and favorite friendships within the septet.

And you, did you like the beautiful words that taehyung dedicated to Jimin?