The rumors of romance that exist between the artists taehyung and Jennie, members of Kpop groups bts and BLACKPINK, It is a fairly extensive topic and one that has left a huge persecution on social networks. However, the so-called V once demonstrated that he is not dating the idol.

Although there are many media and fans who claim that Taehyung and Jennie have a secret relationship, none of this has been confirmed directly and accurately.

Also, the idol could have once shown that between him and the BLACKPINK member there is nothing more than a friendship, since the star of kpop confirmed that he has a special crush.

In an interview for E-news, V revealed that they have a crush on the British actress Lily Collins, and he also stated that she is his favorite actress and mentioned that she seems to him a beautiful and “perfect” woman.

In addition to what he declared, the Idol also detailed that he had a crush on her since his participation in the film «Mirror Mirror».

However, unfortunately for v, The British-American actress has been married for several years, so unfortunately the member of bts He doesn’t have any chance with her.