The singer taehyung of BTS, shamelessly flirted with a tour guide who was accompanying them on their trip to USA.

The group has been a little estranged lately due to the fact that the oldest member of the group Jin He has had to attend the army, a fact for which each one individually has been working on their projects, and conducting live broadcasts for their fans.

The members of BTS one of the groups of kpop The most famous internationally, they have always been praised for their natural beauty and unique style, and although they almost never show their tastes publicly, this time one of them was struck by the beauty of a tourist guide who was made flattery.

A tour guide recently revealed her experience with the BTS group while they were in the United States, accompanying them and acting as a translator on their recent trip.

The woman was hired to serve as a translator, since she knew the Korean language perfectly. And although she admitted that the members of the group were very respectful, the look of one of them brought a smile to her face.

And went Vor his real name taehyung who gave her a smile and a slightly cheeky look at her beauty. Given this, the woman could not help but fall for her charms and she admitted that after these, they went out to dinner in a group while everyone gave them special care.