Taehyung, also know as v, has worried his fans after being seen with a blow to the face. The member of the famous South Korean Kpop group bts He uploaded a video recently, and that’s where his fans noticed his injury.

Through a video that Taehyung published on his official account of Instagram, he army He has shown massive concern after noticing a wound on his face that can barely be seen.

How has it been possible to demonstrate, its fans They are always aware of your health and well-being, so in this chance It has not been the exception and they have worried about what could have happened.

He idol appears in the video with a cap, and in one part of his face you can see a small wound that is barely visible. However, this has been enough for his fans to have become a trend towards artist to find out what really happened.

Is it me or is your eye hurt?», «That’s just what I came to ask. I hope that if it’s a blow it will get better» and «No, if you look closely it doesn’t look like a blow, it’s like the shadow of her hair. I know what that is, because whoever dares to touch it will see, I love you Tae from my soul “, were the reactions in Twitter.

Until now, taehyung He has not given details of what could have happened, so the army He hopes to find out what happened to him to have earned that injury.