This happened at the public appearance of Min Yoongi better known by his stage name, sugaof btsas a special guest for the premiere VIP of the movie “DEVIL’S DEAL”.

The singer and dancer Suga, from the famous South Korean idol group BTS, has been praised by numerous people throughout his career professional not only because of his incredible talent, but also because of his charisma and personality, with which he has stolen the hearts of more than one fan of the army.

Recently, at the DEVIL’S DEAL movie premiere gala, Suga was a special guest, he gave a few words of thanks, then a fanatic of the singer who was there recording the idol’s presentation, he couldn’t stand the desire to have him a few meters from him, and he declared his love for him shouting that he should will marry with her.

Suga in the middle of his speech clearly managed to hear the words of the fan, where in a professional and epic way, he moved his head just a little towards where the public was and just looked at her out of the corner of his eye, giving his overwhelming answer to marriage request that his fan made him, beyond words on the part of the talented artist.

Here you can see the video of Suga’s epic reaction: