suga, the talented rapper and producer of the South Korean group of kpop bts, He has surprised all his fans and followers by finally showing his physical attributes. The army He knows very well that the idol is quite reserved, so this video is undoubtedly something that will be very precious.

yes you are one army for real, then you know very well what an introvert Suga is. The talented member of BTS has been characterized throughout his career as a rather reserved, quiet and above all serious young man.

The idol He is not used to showing his body, much less exhibiting himself through concerts as some of his colleagues have sometimes done.

However, there is a video where suga showed off his abs, completely freaking out the entire ARMY and other fans.

Suga has rarely delighted his fans with his physical attractiveness, unlike Jungkook, Jimin either taehyung that they do have several photographs where they have shown their attractive figure.

In the video where it has been possible to see the figure of Suga, dara from the debut era of bts, the Idol took off his shirt to show that he was capable of doing “belly dance”, at that time he was very young and had no problem driving his fans crazy. But perhaps now, the artist is a little afraid to expose his body to the public eye.

suga He doesn’t usually show much skin when it comes to dancing or being on stage, unlike his peers. Even if it’s about going swimming, the idol tries to cover up so he doesn’t expose himself.