Though suga, the talented member of bts, He doesn’t usually show his body, he idol has dared to captivate the army with some artistic photographs where it can be seen without a thing, causing quite a stir on social networks.

If you are a real ARMY, you must know very well that Suga is by far the member of bts shy and reserved. The Idol is not a fan of showing his body, so on several occasions it has been possible to see how he covers himself in the sea or in the pool so as not to show too much.

However, the rapper and producer has dared this time to show part of his shirtless torso. The photos have quite an interesting artistic level, but his fans can’t help but notice his toned body.

Despite Suga’s reserved personality, the idol is one of the most loved by fans, who say that the artist generates a lot of tenderness for his introverted personality.

The army He hopes that the rapper dares to show them freely without fear on other occasions. But above all, that he can feel comfortable and safe with what he does.

And you, did you like these photographs of suga shirtless?