The army He has been very active on social networks, since suga, one of the members of bts, He was shown his friendship tattoo for the first time, which is presumed that he shares with the other members of the popular South Korean group of kpop as a sign of brotherhood and union between them.

Through the most recent Photoshoot posted by suga, and where he was also surprisingly seen shirtless, Idol fans were able to detail that the friendship tattoo that the rapper has in conjunction with the other members of Bangtan.

The discovery of this tattoo has caused all kinds of reactions within the ARMY, since precisely suga he was the only member who had not shown his tattoo.

the work of his fans To be able to accurately detail each of the photos was arduous, but the work and effort was undoubtedly worth it, since the tattoo was finally seen on the missing member.

On the other hand, the photo session of suga Shirtless and with an artistic touch, he does not stop generating reactions and trends within the networks. The most faithful fans of Idol and bts, They know the producer doesn’t like to be shirtless, so these photos certainly caught them off guard.