suga, the talented rapper and producer of bts, He is one of the most active members of the group. The idol He has always let us know that he likes to learn new things, but some fans were excited to learn about the new things the popular artist is up to before heading off to the compulsory military service.

The members of BTS must go one by one to fulfill their duty as South Korean citizens and enlist in the mandatory military service that governs that country, so suga he is already preparing for that moment and wants to learn new things before he leaves.

The rapper is taking classes to learn and prepare for military service and also simultaneously, the idol is performing new music. The idol loves to learn new things daily and he himself has not confessed, stating that in recent months he has attended different classes, which has helped him for each of his wishes in his profession.

In one of his most recent lives, Suga mentioned that he has been learning and studying music-related classes such as guitar, vocals, Japanese keyboard, dances of hip hop and pilates. Suga spoke the following about what he has been doing:

«I am taking many classes learning a lot of different things because I think that this will be the last learning that I will receive in life»

As for military service, so far they have not given an exact date for suga enter the armed forces, but his followers suspect that it will be during the first quarter of the 2023, like his partner and group leader RM.