the rapper sugaMember of btshas revealed his first love to his fans, and assures that some time later he regretted having fallen in love with her.

Although the members of bts They have always been very reserved in terms of dating, and scandals or controversies around the subject, for the first time some members are revealing their love life, this time it would be Min Yoongibetter known as suga.

The also composer, in addition to revealing how his first relationship was, admitted that now he is sorry for how the relationship led, and admits that love ended because of him.

suga that he is usually very cautious with his love life, he revealed that he has not had more girlfriends because music demands most of his time, so his little free time is spent with his family.

The rapper revealed that his first love was a high school girlwho, before being his girlfriend, was his best friend and although they lasted a few months, the relationship had to end because he did not know how to handle the issue, since he had little experience.

And although he tried to remedy the situation, it was not possible, so he opted instead apologize by means of a letter that she was never able to read, since he finally sent it to a radio medium, and not for her as planned.