suga, rapper and producer member of the South Korean Kpop group bts, He has revealed what his plans are that he has devised when finishing his compulsory military service, surprising more than one since the first thing he will do will not be to meet again with the other members of the septet.

As discussed in social media, Suga is already planning what he will do right after completing his mandatory military service, which could arrive in a short time.

The idol has talked about that topic on his show ‘SUCHWITA’, even having his partner as a guest RM, where both devised what the BTS meeting could be when all the members meet the requirement.

However, it seems that Suga already has plans after his military service, and it is that a plan was released that the idol has, and according to rumors, Suga wants to have his own music label from Hip hop.

Also, some of his companions They supported his idea, despite the fact that this means that he does not meet with his colleagues after finishing his military service.

However, this does not mean that Suga will retire from Bangtan, It only means that first he will make the plans that he has based on creating his record label, but the meeting with his group will come after I have achieved that plan and new goal that he has in mind.