suga, one of the most complete members of the Kpop group bts, has received numerous criticisms from their fans, who disagreed with the idol and their opinion that the group exists thanks to another Kpop group, which in this case referred to BIG BANG.

In the midst of the collaboration Jimin, one of the members of BTS, had with the Idol Taeyang, which is a member of the popular group BIGBANG, Suga made a decision to invite the renowned Idol to his program ‘SUCHWITA’.

There, both the rapper from bangtan as the BIGBANG vocalist they talked about their respective careers, all the achievements they have achieved and the future vision they have for their professions and how they plan to approach them.

However, and in the midst of the emotion that Suga felt to meet what according to him and according to many other artists of kpop, is one of his greatest examples and inspirations, the idol He confessed to him that BTS exists thanks to the group to which he belongs.

“BIGBANG practically made BTS.”

However, this comment has not gone down well with the ARMY, who has criticized Suga for the opinion he has made and they have invited him not to assume his feelings as something real, since BTS forged their own path for them.

In the midst of these comments, fans of BIG BANG have supported suga, stating that it is not fair that his fans criticize him for saying something that several of his peers also consider it that way.

And you, do you agree with Suga’s opinion?