The member of bts, sugahas been hosting his own radio show on Apple Music, where in the last episode Suga joked with his special guest, Lee Byung Eun or more popularly known as bangster who is responsible for directing the performances of the BTS boys.

Suga and Lee chatted and had a nice time, where they reminisced about some of their past performances and how difficult it was to work on them. That’s when Suga revealed that Bangster had already been linked to a BTS member, even before the group came into existence.

Lee has been working closely with the K-Pop music group, BTS, for several years. In the episode, she revealed that she started working together with BTS with “Fake Love» Since that day, Bangster has been a part of many other popular BTS choreographies, such as “Boy With Luy” either “butter” at the Grammys presentation, Lee is currently also working with Suga, on his solo tour August D ‘D-Day’.

Most of those who listened to Suga’s show were surprised by the details that the idol was revealing about Bangster, since most of them had no idea that Lee Byung Eun was a member of “Neuron”, the former dance team of the jhope was also a part. Lee also confessed that it was thanks to all this that she was able to have the experience and I attribute the place where she is now.

Although this particular detail has been a fascinating revelation to the armySuga, decided to joke with his classic dry humor, and came to a conclusion opposite to what Bangster had recounted and said that his entry into HYBE It was pure nepotism, to which Lee reacted with a great laugh, to later reply to the idol that it was not like that, but because of his great talent.