songwriter and rapper suga, admits that the fame of the group to which he belongs, btsnegatively affected him and his peers, stating that his popularity has led to misconceptions.

Min Yoongi recently started his own variety show called “suchwita“, where he clarified that he would have episodes full of fun and knowledge, while he and his guests drank some alcoholic beverages and told anecdotes from his life.

His first episode and premiere of the series began with his groupmate MRIas a special guest. Now in the premiere of her second episode and as she announced, she would have guests from different fields, this time she met with the comedian shin dong yupwho previously worked with bts.

On this occasion the two talked about their drinking habits, their traditions, customs and various topics, however, in the midst of their discussions and comic moments, suga opened up about how his industry peers perceive btsand since the fame they have had did not help them as they expected.

suga admitted that his partner Jinan older member of the group, confided that she thought people were uncomfortable with bts. He also referred to the fact that fame has created a bias that does not allow them to better relate to people.

“Once I became RM, I became known to everyone. So there can be biases and there can be differences in the amount of information we have about each other. Therefore, it is difficult to establish relationships that are equal. And having experienced some of that, I was turned off. I guess that’s why I miss the times when people didn’t really know me, for the relationships I used to have, with the purest of intentions.“, commented the rapper.

Given this, the guest encouraged him commenting that in bts there are really funny people, and contrary to what he thinks, they are people his fans love.